How Translation affects our lives


Each year on September 30th celebrated by many people around the globe. It is a day of celebration originally recognized as such in honor of a patron saint (Saint Jerome), but it has grown beyond any religion or borders. If you are like most people, you have probably never heard of it until now. It is the international Translation Day. People may not realize the connection between translation and their everyday life, but the truth is there is almost nothing in our existence that is not related to it in some way. Here are some well known facts that will show you its significance.


Translation saves lives – As we speak, a large translation project is analyzing the news feed to detect certain words or phrases that will help identify global health outbursts, thus protecting our lives. Not to mention all the translators and interpreters that work in international health facilities or governments, translating different documents, thus helping different countries understand and exchange ideas forpublic health.


Translation contributes to the world peace – Every year leading countries in international organizations are scheduling events, intended for strengthening international relations. It is not possible for the international relations to be maintained without mutual understanding. The translators and interpreters in those organizations are far more important than most of us think. Translators are responsible for shaping the exact meaning of the content used in the peace contracts, so that it will look trustworthy to all the sides. Interpreters are involved in the communication between world leaders, thus helping them express their ideas in the clearest way possible, and make a strong impression for themselves and the countries that they represent.



Translation is  essential during election

In many countries translation plays a really important role in politics. An appropriate example for this are  the United States. The official language in the country is English, but there are entire states, where mostly Spanish is used, like Florida, Georgia, The Carolinas and Alabama. It is no coincidence that the president candidates use interpreters to communicate with voters that speak Spanish, thus helping people make their final decision.


Translation creates jobs

The translation market’s estimated value circulates around  thirty-three billion dollars in the last years. There are more than  twenty-five thousand agencies around the globe that provide translation and interpreting services, thus contributing to a decrease in world unemployment. Not only this, but they also hire people who can effectively translate information related to finance, sales, technology, marketing, project management, engineering and so on, boosting the world economy.


Translation boosts the world economy

Like I mentioned before, world economy will not be able to remain stable without translation. Just choose any Fortune 500 company, check its website, and you will either see that it is bilingual, or those companies are likely hiring workers who speak other languages. Without translation, those companies will not be able to meet the expectations of their clients and stockholders.


Translation creates love stories 

People can fall in love because of translation. Whether  it is because of a translated love poem or a beautiful greeting card, translation can ignite a spark between people. As we all know love knows no barriers. There is always a chance for two people to engage in sweet talk across languages and cultures – as long as translation exists to bind them together.


Translation maintains our faith

The Bible, Quran and many other sacred books are translated in most modern languages, so that they can be accessible and understood by everybody.


Translation entertains us

For example, nowadays sports are more international than ever. Recruiting an athlete from the other part of the planet is not a problem, but communicating with him or her requires translation. This is why sports icons hire interpreters to help them communicate when moving between different countries  or giving interviews. Other sources  of entertainment like movies and books also require translation. The “Harry Potter” book would never be as successful and popular if it had not been translated to be accessible in different languages.

In conclusion we can all agree that translation is somewhat overlooked,  when in fact it is vital for the global development. Congratulations to all the translators and interpreters out there, who affect our lives in ways we  do not even realize, and help people around the world unite their efforts in the name of our better future.