Why Work With 1-Stop

Working with us

1. Proven Satisfaction and Reliable History

Since 1998, 1-StopAsia (f.k.a. 1-Stop Translation) has worked with over 1,000 translators who have expressed their great satisfaction in working with us.

On-Time Payment and Flexible Terms

2. On-Time Payment and Flexible Terms

At 1-StopAsia we are proud of the fact that we’ve always made payment to all of our translators on time. We also have flexible payment terms, including immediate or expedited payments. Please refer to our Flexible Payment Terms page.

Responsive and Attentive

3. Responsive and Attentive

We attentively listen to our translators and make our best efforts to meet their needs. Here at 1-StopAsia we wish to keep in close touch with our freelance translators. That’s why we hold regular information sessions and receptions to listen to our freelance translators, their troubles, complaints, and any requests they may have. Our primary goal in holding such meetings is to reflect on what our translators have to say and try to improve together.

Providing a positive and collaborative working environment will motivate translators, and it is our certain belief that motivated translators are the ones who produce an overall higher quality of translation. In the end, the higher translation quality will satisfy our clients, so it is truly a win-win strategy for all involved.

Freelance translators can also contact our project and resource managers whenever they need any kind of help. We’re always available for any problems regarding CAT tool usage, translation style, or even deadline extensions due to quality issues.

Training and Feedback

4. Training and Feedback

All of our translators are experienced professionals. However, like all other specialists in today’s society, professional translators must continuously expand their knowledge and hone their skills. At 1-StopAsia we watch, edit and review each and every project taken on by our translators and are happy to provide them with appropriate feedback and training.

We also offer our translators opportunities for specialization in a particular area of translation, e.g. legal, technical, or even the literary field. A vast library of online resources is made available that includes CAT tool tips, standard style guides, FAQs, frequent mistake lists, glossaries and more.